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After several years of dancing & training salsa in Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, as well as overseas in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Australia, Dubai and Europe, I realized something important was missing from the salsa scene of our nation's capital:

a weekly salsa social dance  event that could bring people of many walks of life together; to learn, to dance to  socialize & to have fun; and, to feel a sense of relief from their everyday life...

In summer 2006, I took a ten days trip to Havana, Cuba to learn more about Salsa music and dance where I was trained by Cuban teachers in both group as well as private. I learnt a lot. Then I went to San Juan in Puerto Rico where I was focusing on salsa music learning about all classical artists to modern and all genres. I attended at a live concert where Isamael Miranda, Lalo Rodriguez, Cheo Feliciano & many more performed . It was so amazing to see their live shows and where I was learning more and more learning on salsa DJ....


To achieve this, I decided to experiment with a salsa social event on Sunday evenings at Amigos Sports Club on Merivale road. in fall 2006. While my “mini project” lasted only for a few months, it provided me with a unique opportunity to experience and learn about the inevitable joys and challenges of planning for and organizing social events. Meanwhile, I was working full time for an ISP with a great deal of stressful job where salsa dancing would provide me a balance a great cardio and be more relax in a none stressful environment where the only stress was, to dance better and put more time into learning to improve.... I used to live & work on Elgin St. Ottawa where I would walk to work and salsa clubbing in the market area. 

In the mean time I became aware, through a friend of mine, that St. John's Parish Hall on Elgin Street had been recently renovated and available for social events. With a concrete proposal to present, I made my first contact with the Church’s facility manager, which then led to securing the necessary approvals by the Father and the Bishop. And yes, this was the beginning of my journey to the world of salsa social salsa. Next with the help of a few of my friends, who shared my passion for salsa and community work, I officially started the first Rahim Salsa Friday on October 12th, 2007.


It has been nearly 17 years since that very first event in 2007, and not only has not this event slowed down, but it has evolved into what is now much bigger and better than what I had originally imagined, with the hundreds of new faces joining the event weekly to meet, to dance and to share their joy and remarkable moments with the rest of us. So far, I've organized nearly 1000 weekly salsa parties as well  charity & International  salsa festivals.. I've served dancers from in town and out and worldwide who visited Ottawa...


I have been undertaking this challenge as an evening hobby after I finish a full of day of work in my day job. And yes, it has not been easy, but what has been my most important driver to continue has been the role that this and other similar events play in ensuring the health & well-being of our community and city. To this end, I am very pleased to see that Rahim’s Salsa Friday has become a true community effort, with an annual charity event devoted to local organizations such as  Ottawa Food Bank & CHEO .

Since October 2007, now our nation's capital owns several salsa, bachata kizomba socials on a weekly basis by many new teachers, DJs, organizers & more. I hosted all the DJs, Teachers, performers before they start their own establishment and I am happy they are helping our community to grow and expand better and bigger. 

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