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Rahim Salsa Friday June 21st
Workshop with Luc Poulin
No experience No Partner needed.Drop in 8 pm
Musical Guest DJ Carlitos 9 pm - 12:30 am



$18 One Hour Salsa or Bachata Workshop followed by Social Dance 8 pm - 1 am


$13 Social Dance Only 9 pm - 1 am


Please bring a pair of clean indoor shoes  if you don't own dance shoes. Please no winter outdoor shoes allowed on the dance floor, Thank you for understanding.


St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church  (275 Elgin St. Ottawa )

Have you ever found yourself wanting to learn salsa dancing but didn't know where or when to start? Look no further than Rahim Salsa Friday, a staple of the community for 17 years! Every week we welcome people just like you who want to master the fundamentals of both Salsa & Bachata  dance with some of our best professional instructors. You won't need any prior experience nor do you have to bring along a partner; simply show up at 8 pm on Fridays throughout the year ready to jump into an introductory lesson in either style that promises not only fun times ahead due its social nature (switching partners encouraged!) during class time so come prepared by bringing comfortable shoes as well clothes suited towards this kind activity, then afterward stay around until 1 am takes advantage enjoy even more music provided courtesy nationally renowned talent spinning tunes sure put smile everyone face while simultaneously uplifting spirits through rhythmically perfect acoustic surroundings helping create unforgettable memories amidst friendly faces new & old alike all gathered under one roof within reach top-quality sound system delivering incredible sonic experiences amplifying energy levels inside venue making it impossible NOT move your body become part of action happening live right before eyes.


$18 Lesson & Social Dance (Party )
 Party only  
Cash & Debit / All Credit Cards Accepted 
Fresh water is provided by the host.  
Please bring dance or clean indoor shoes! Winter outdoor shoes are not allowed on our dance floor. Thank you for your understanding & cooperations.





Born and raised on a rice farm tiny village in north of Iran, left home when was in his early 20s, Rahim's journey took him Switzerland, to Belgium, where he mastered Flemish ( Belgian Dutch ) and French. After moving to Canada, he learned English and pursued a successful 15-year career in computer programming with Bell Canada. However, Rahim's true passion ignited on the salsa dance floor in 1998!

He became hooked and has since dedicated himself to sharing the joy of salsa with others. Inspired by his travels to Havana (Cuba ) San Juan (Puerto Rico ). Rahim brought his vision to life by launching Rahim Salsa Friday on October 12th, 2007 - Ottawa's first weekly salsa social right in the heart of nation's capital at St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church. ( 275 Elgin St.- corner of Somerset & Elgin )

The concept was simple: come with or without experience or a partner, learn basic salsa moves, and stay for social dancing to practice and meet new friends.

In 2016, Rahim made a bold move, leaving his day career behind to pursue his passion for salsa full-time. He dedicated himself to growing Rahim Salsa Friday into the vibrant community it is today. But that wasn't enough! Rahim had a vision for something bigger - to bring the international salsa community to Canada's capital. And so, the Ottawa-Gatineau International Salsa Festival was born!

Under Rahim's leadership, the festival flourished, hosting five successful years of festivities at the Canadian Museum of History and Lansdowne Park. The event brought together world-class performers, instructors, and DJs, showcasing the best of latin dance!

Since 2007, Rahim has been hosting Ottawa's longest-running weekly salsa social, right in the heart of nation's capital. With a passion for sharing the joy of salsa, Rahim has created a vibrant community where dancers of all levels can come together, learn, and enjoy the rhythm.

As a dedicated promoter of salsa in the nation's capital, Rahim has provided a platform for all new and established DJs, teachers, performers, and enthusiasts to showcase their talents. His inclusive approach has fostered a supportive environment, allowing everyone to grow and share their love for salsa. As the resident DJ, Rahim invites local DJs to join him, ensuring a diverse and exciting musical experience for all. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting out, Rahim Salsa Friday welcomes you to join the fun, make new friends, and be part of this thriving salsa community!"

Giving back to the community, one dance step at a time! Rahim is proud to have co-hosted the Ottawa Salsapalooza with Lorna's Dance Collective Studio at the Glebe Community Centre for over 10 years! Together, we've fundraised for two incredible causes: CHEO and the Ottawa Food Banks. Thanks to your support, performing, dancing, DJing & Volunteers we've made a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

"Rahim's New Year's Salsa Celebrations - a decade of unforgettable nights! For 10 incredible years, Rahim had the privilege of cohosting the New Year's Salsa Celebration with his long-time salsa friend Luc Poulin at the Glebe Community Centre. Those were the golden years of New Year's Eve celebrations, filled with salsa, laughter, and joy! The energy was electric, the music was pulsating, and the community came together to dance the night away. Even today, fellow salsa friends fondly reminisce about those unforgettable nights, cherishing the memories of a decade-long tradition that brought us all closer together.

A huge shout out to every single one of you who has supported us along the way - the Dancers, teachers, Performers, DJs, Organizers, Promoters and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to share the joy of latin dance with our community. Your passion, dedication, and love for the music and dance have made our community thrive! Our city has become Canada's salsa hub!

we can now dance salsa every night of the week, all year long! From Rahim Salsa Friday to numerous other socials and events, there's always something to look forward to.

A Tango Tale: Rahim's Journey

As many of you know, Rahim has a second dance love - Argentine Tango! I've been passionate about it for years, supporting local milongas ( tango social ) and enjoying the beauty of this dance. Post-pandemic, my tango friends encouraged me to host a milonga, despite my initial hesitation. I just wanted to dance without responsibilities! But, they knew me too well... So, I took the leap and started Milonga de la Confesion in Spring 2022, every Wednesday night at the same location as our salsa social. And, it's become a hub not only for local dancers but also for out-of-town visitors, world-class teachers, performers, and DJs! I'm deeply honored that our tango community trusts me to promote and nurture tango in our city. It's a privilege to serve this beautiful dance and its wonderful people.

Wherever I roam, my dance shoes come along for the ride! From Ottawa to global destinations, I've danced my way through: - Canada's vibrant cities ( East to West ) - LA's sultry nights - Miami Cuban fiery salsa- NY's energetic streets - Havana's rhythmic soul - San Juan's tropical beats - Budapest's elegant ballrooms - Prague's charming squares - Vienna's grand waltzes - Dubai's dazzling stages - Spain's fiery flamenco - Paris's sophisticated scenes - Brugge's medieval charm - Seattle's music scene - Buffalo's lively nights - Sofia's Balkan rhythms - Istanbul's whirling dervishes - Larnaca's Cypriot delights - And 7 nights on a cruise ship, dancing under the stars!

Dance has no language barriers, only the universal language of joy!

Let's keep dancing, learning, and growing together & most importantly be kind, generous and offer a dance or two! let's share our joy and fun with everyone!

Here's to many more years of salsa- tango love in Ottawa - Gatineau!


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